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The legacy of Jack Corn has touched many people's lives.  

Retired from Western Kentucky University Journalism program as Professional Photojournalist-in-Residence from 1990 to 1995.  Recognized by Board of Regents as Photojournalism Professional-in-Residence of Journalism, Emeritus effective October 26, 2004. 


Director of Photography, Chicago Tribune, 1984 to 1991.  During this time the Tribune began using editorial color on a daily basis and became the first paper in the USA to move electronic images for daily production.  Managed a staff of 55 to 60 people, including photographers, assignments editors, darkroom personnel and picture editors. Attended news and planning meetings including the main front page meeting.  Planned, directed and budgeted the local, national and international photographic coverage for the daily and 1,200,000 Sunday circulationChicago Tribune.


Professional Photojournalist-in-Residence, Western Kentucky University, Department of Journalism, seven years.


Chief Photographer and Picture Editor, The Tennessean, two years.


Staff Photographer, The Tennessean, 21 years.


Teacher, Nashville State Technical Institute, photography classes, part time.


Freelance assignments for major publications, including New York TimesTime; USIA; Philadelphia Inquirer;  Newsweek U.S. News and World Report Boy’s Life;  LouisvilleCourier-Journal.  Also published in several hundred textbooks, anthologies, and foreign publications.


Honors and Awards


1995  Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award from the National Press Photographers Association,  “In recognition of his outstanding lifelong achievements as a photographer, editor and educator,  and for his tireless devotion and leadership in the photojournalism community.”  This is the association’s highest award.


1993    Robin F. Garland Educator Award from the National Press Photographers Association.  “In recognition of a lifetime of selflessly sharing his exceptional knowledge and skills in the field of photojournalism with those who follow in his footsteps.”


1983  Joseph Costa Award  from the National Press Photographers Association.  “For the most outstanding initiative, leadership and service in advancing the goals of NPPA in the tradition of Joseph Costa, a Founder and First President of NPPA.”


1977  University of Missouri, National Press Photographers, Nikon,  “World Understanding Through Photography”, special judge’s recognition for photographs of Appalachia.


1974  Wilson Hicks International Conference for Visual Communication Award at the University of Miami for “Excellence in Reporting with a Still Camera”.  Awarded for three photo stories including; “A Prostitute’s Daughter”;  “Chuck, A Retarded Child” ;  “A Black Family on Welfare.”


Local, national or international awards every professional year from 1955 to 1977 while working as a photojournalist.


Discipline-oriented Public Services Activities


Served four years on National Press Photographers Association Board of Directors as Region Six (southeast) representative 1972-1976.


Founded with Ken Cooke and the Atlanta Press Photographers Association the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar in 1972.


National Chairman, NPPA Education Committee and Chairman of the five city, 35 member staff and faculty,  “Flying Short Course”, ‘82; ‘83; ‘84; ‘85.


Faculty, Maine Photographic Workshop 1987 through 1990


Faculty, Santa Fe Photographic Workshop, 1990


Founder, of Western Kentucky University’s “Mountain People’s Workshop” in 1978  Faculty member 1978 through 1983.  Visiting faculty member ‘84; ‘86; ‘87; ‘88; and ‘90 through ‘98


With Jim Dooley, Newsday, Long Island, N.Y. founded and co-chaired the first Electronic Pictures Editor’s Conference in Chicago, 1985


Judged yearly photojournalism contests in many state associations.  Judged the White House Press Photographer’s Association twice,  The Pictures of the Year Contest at the University of Missouri and the World Press Contest in New York.  In 1989 judged the W. Eugene Smith international contest for a $15,000 memorial grant for a photographer’s continuing project.


 1984 to 1990 A consultant to several European and American newspapers on the electronic picture desk, the use of color photography, computers, captions and film filing in daily papers.


October 1990   Participant in  First Soviet-American Photojournalism Conference in  Moscow and Tbilisi with photo editors and photographers from major American newspapers, magazines, wire services and TASS staff members as well as the Union of Soviet Photographers.


October 1991 Participant in The Second Soviet-American Photojournalism Conference in Washington, D.C.  with photo editors and photographers from major American and Soviet newspapers, magazines, wire services.  Each participant brought a Soviet photojournalist back to their work place.  A Russian photo editor came to our home and spent three days at Western Kentucky University talking with Journalism students and faculty.


March 2007   Shooting coach for Western Kentucky University Photojournalism Department, Appalachian Culture Workshop in Whitesburg, KY.




Major Speeches


National Press Photographer’s Flying Short Course, 1968, 1972


Wilson Hicks Conference at the University of Miami, 1974


Southern Short Course,  Atlanta Seminar, numerous state, regional and educational institutions in USA and Canada.


American Press Institute; Orlando Color Workshop for Southern Newspaper Publishers Association


American Society of Newspaper Publishers, Los Vegas, 1987


American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, DC 1989


Bibliography of Major Publications and Creative Activities


1973  “Documerica Project”,  Coalmining and the American Landscape.


26 pages of photographs in the book, Photojournalism 1977.


1979  “Presidents Commission on Coal”, one of four photojournalists on a documentary book for President Jimmy Carter.


Day in the Life of Australia, contributing photojournalist, picture editor, 1981.


Day in the Life of Canada, Director of Photography, contributing photojournalist, picture editor, 1984.


Day in the Life of Japan, contributing photojournalist, 1986.


Day in the Life of California, contributing photojournalist, 1988.


Major Shows


1968 Parthenon, Nashville, TN, “The Valley of Despair”, one man show.


1975 Nashville Tech, “People Not Looked At”, one man show.


1980 Cheekwood Art Gallery, Nashville TN, “Perceptions and Conceptions”, one man show.


1982 Western Kentucky University Art Gallery, “Perceptions and Conceptions”, one man show.


1984 Chicago, IL, “Five Realities”, show with four other Chicago photojournalists.


1995 Hendersonville, TN Art Gallery, retrospect show


2010 Goodlettsville, TN City Hall, One man show


2011Goodlettsville, TN City Hall, One man show, “Painting With Light”




Military Service


Attended US Air Force Photo School at Lowery AFB in Denver, CO while a member of the Tennessee National Guard


Korean War Veteran, U.S. Air Force, two years.